When women seek to find the right hair extensions to add volume and length to their hair, they often choose remy hair extensions. Remy extensions are considered the best option for extension hair because of the way the hair is taken from the donor. Remy ombre hair extensions are taken directly from the donor. The donor’s hair is pulled into a ponytail and then the hair is cut directly across and bundled without any hair dropping to the floor. This ensures all of the donor hairs are cut evenly, have the cuticles intact, and all of the cuticles are running in the same direction for the best look.

Remy hair offers superior hair over other choices because it is silkier, smoother, and more natural looking. Some hair manufacturers gather hair off of the cutting floors of salons. This means a variety of donors may be used in the donation process which can result in various issues such as frizzing and damage to the extensions. Although some Remy hair is virgin, not all is. When choosing remy extensions, it behooves a woman to choose virgin hair since this means the hair has never been chemically treated with color or relaxants which can cause cuticle damage.

Since hair extensions are more popular than they have ever been in the past, more retailers are offering hair sold in bundles and clip-in extensions. It is crucial a woman only works with a reputable dealer that can be trusted to provide true Remy hair. Some unscrupulous hair dealers will collect non-remy hair and try to disguise it by dipping it in silicone treatments that make the hair appear shinier and healthier than it actually is. A woman should never have to pay the price of Remy hair unless she is truly purchasing true Remy hair.

Aside from choosing Remy, a woman also has the option of choosing the ethnicity of the hair. Chinese Remy hair is typically the least expensive. Chinese hair is thick, coarse, and very dark. Brazillian Remy hair is one of the most popular options because the cuticle is intact and the hair has never been chemically treated. European Remy hair is also a popular choice and offers beautiful results for extensions.

If you are considering purchasing hair for extensions, make sure you purchase the best you can afford. Remy hair offers superior results over other types and can give you the look you are seeking. Remy extensions are more expensive but well worth the price.

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